Winter Holiday Desserts

It’s that time of year and again, and we have listed below the pies and desserts will be offering for the Winter Holidays.  Please call us at 386.444.3838 or email us at to place an order.  We will be open on Christmas Eve 10-3 for pick ups.

Caramel Pumpkin Tart $35
Creamy caramel pumpkin filling in a shortbread crust topped with salted caramel and sweet and spicy pepitos. This is a large 10″ deep dish pie.

Egg Nog Coconut Cream Pie $30
Flaky pie shell, eggnog coconut pastry cream, lots of toasted coconut and slightly sweetened whipped cream

Chocolate Mint Cream Pie $30
9″ all butter flaky pie crust brushed with mint dark chocolate ganache, filled with mint chocolate pastry cream, topped with slightly sweetened whipped cream and andes mint pieces.

Carrot Bar Cake $25
Spicy carrot cake with pineapple, prunes, and walnuts, layered with cream cheese frosting.  Feeds 6-10

Chocolate Raspberry Bar Cake $25
Chocolate cake layered with raspberry buttercream, chocolate ganache drip, and fresh raspberries. Feeds 6-10

Chocolate Hazelnut Bar Cake $30
Chocolate cake soaked with Frangelico, layered with chocolate hazelnut buttercream, chocolate hazelnut drip, and Ferrero Rocher candies. Feeds 6-10

Eggnog Bar Cake $25
Eggnog cake soaked with spiced rum, layered with eggnog buttercream, white chocolate eggnog drip.

Cinnamon Sugar Bar Cake $25
Cinnamon sugar cake layered with cinnamon buttercream.

Peppermint Bar Cake $25
Peppermint chiffon cake layered with peppermint buttercream, white chocolate peppermint drip.


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