We Are Constantly Evolving
This business was started as a one-woman show working out of a restaurant kitchen in the middle of the night.  Through a tremendous amount of hard work, we just moved into our new home directly on US1 in Edgewater.  As we get settled into our new space, our first priority is to manage the increase in volume while maintaining our quality.  Once we have mastered that, we will start playing around with our hours (we’d love to be open at 7), our menu (adding in salad, soups, and sandwiches to round out a nice lunch to go with our savory pies and tarts), and we’d eventually love to share what we do by incorporating classes. Good things are coming, and it’s going to take us some time to get situated.  As always, we appreciate you allowing us the time and opportunity to grow and evolve.

Not So Sweet Sweets
Our biggest compliment (and also the most common complaint) about our desserts is that they aren’t as sweet as “normal”.  We take a lot of pride in that we are able to create desserts that are rich and decadent and absolutely delicious without being sickly sweet.  By using foods like browned butter, kosher salt, citrus zests and juices, vinegar, liquors, and coffee, we are able to balance out the flavors of the desserts, so it plays to your palate in a variety of ways, not just sweet.


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