Desserts at weddings used to be just the wedding cake.  Nowadays, do what you want.  If you want a traditional cake, have a large cake.  If you prefer cupcakes, we can do a small cake with a bunch of cupcakes.  Mini desserts more your thing?  No problem.  Skip the wedding cake altogether and have a dessert table filled with a number of cakes for your guests to choose from.  My mission is to make the couple happy with whatever they choose for their special day.

That said, there are limitations to my skill set.  While I do a lot of custom flavor cakes, my decor is incredibly simple, relying mostly on what Mother Nature provides for us… for wedding cakes, that’s mainly fresh flowers, though I have candied herbs and flowers, used chocolate drips, molded chocolates, nuts, seeds, etc to decorate wedding cakes.  I do NOT work with fondant or gum paste, so if it’s a highly decorative cake, more than likely I will have to recommend another baker, which I am happy to do.  Again, my goal is that the couple is happy and feels as little stress in the dessert portion of planning such an important event.

More information and pictures will be coming soon.